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Monday, 11 May 2015

Hi beauties! Readers on Bloglovin' may be a little confused right now, as I've recently decided to change my blog name from Embouteillage-Atasco to The Traffic Jam of Life. Not such a huge departure from my original name, as both "Embouteillage" and "Atasco" mean traffic jam in French and Spanish! For a long time now I've been really unhappy with it, it got to such a point I was too embarrassed to say its name aloud. But now, I'm happy with it. I will need to ask a quick favour, however!

To re-follow me on Bloglovin', please click on either my new Bloglovin' button on the sidebar or HERE in order to keep up up to date with all my posts! I would really appreciate it, I'd hate to lose my small following that's taken me a long time to build up!

Thanks! xx

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