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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Seventeen is a beauty brand which has gradually become an integral part of my make up collection, over the last year in particular. The quality of their packaging and products have increased tenfold following their re-branding, and amongst my little collection I've found some absolute favourites.

Doll'd Up Mascara
If you've followed my blog for a while you'll have seen this gem mentioned before many times. It's my absolute favourite mascara for a few reasons - The formula isn't too watery or glossy, it's never smudged once (even on nights out), it holds THE most perfect curl without the need for eyelash curlers, for hours and hours, and it's also incredibly affordable! The brush is plastic but create for reaching every corner and grabbing the lashes.

Stay Time Long Wear Primer
This is the only product out of my collection that I really dislike. The colour of this is neutral/tan and suits my skin tone but the main issue is blend-ability. The consistency is a bit thick which makes it hard to blend and settle before applying foundation. If you try too hard to blend, the product starts to break up on the face which makes the base patchy! On the other hand, if you leave it too long without blending it leaves unattractive streaks. I was really disappointed by this product, however I do love the packaging!

Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter
This is my most recent addition to the stash, and so far I've been pretty impressed by the visible difference this adds to skin! Like many liquid highlighters, the consistency is a little runny so you may end up using more product than you need, no one likes the disco ball look. I'd say you only need a pea sized amount to cover the cheekbones, brow bone and bridge of the nose. If used in moderation this adds a lovely sheen and definition to the face which is easy to blend as well. It seems to last a fair amount of time as well, considering I wore this for a night out on halloween! I can't comment on its function as a primer however having read some reviews on this, I'm wary about giving a go - I'd prefer a product that doesn't have glitter to prime the face.

Phwoarr Paint in Fair
I've mentioned this on the blog before a few times and I'm still a big fan! Furthermore I haven't yet needed to buy another because you only needed the smallest amount to cover the under-eye areas. It's fairly easy to blend, I find simply dabbing it lightly works best to achieve an instant boost. I don't like to use it on a regular basis, but when I look particularly tired (a lot recently), because it is quite a thick concealer. Nevertheless it's great for perking up the skin on the days that you don't feel so great.

Berry Crush Lip Stain in Bombshell
I've hardly mentioned this on the blog, but this has become one of those products in my collection which I'll forget about but when I remember to use it, (it's normally sat at the bottom of my work or night out bag) I'm always pleasantly surprised by the quality. I have a feeling this is because I can barely be bothered to wear any lip products other than lip balm most days. I went through a phase of wearing this every time I had work, as it's subtle but not as hard work as wearing lipstick. You need a few layers to make the pinky colour really stand out, but this makes it easy to build up according to how bold you're feeling. Once the colour's stained it comes out a gorgeous pinky berry shade and seems to stay for around 2 hours-3 hours, which isn't bad considering the price. With lip products I've come to expect the majority won't stay for a longer amount of time than this, which makes it easier for me because I don't have the patience to keep retouching throughout the day!

So that's my round up of all SEVENTEEN products I've acquired over the last year. Personally I think the brand has gained a reputation for affordability and quality and I'm excited to see how they develop in later years.

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