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Thursday, 13 November 2014

One of the hardest things I struggle to do in life is to say "no". If I'm not able to commit to plans I will try and find a solution so that I can fit everything in, in order to keep people happy. The only issue is with this method, is that it becomes an exhausting task. I have lots of separate small circles of friends, meaning that it is a juggling act fitting everyone in. In first year of uni I found it quite easy coordinating meeting with these different groups, but this year everything at uni seems to be taking up more and more of my time, leaving me little room to breathe and properly relax.

I never put pressure on myself to post regularly these days, because it's a hobby of mine and I never want to feel like I have to post, it should be an escape from the stress of my everyday life. My first few weeks back at uni were manageable, if not a little intimidating because I had numerous tutors warning about how much work they're expecting us to do. However I also attempt to play badminton at least twice a week, and at the moment I can hardly fit that in either. I'm part of the committee for the recreational team that play on the weekends, but I work every other weekend, so I hardly make an appearance. All of this leads me to think, why am I constantly rushing to the next thing? Why can't I just sit down and do one thing for a few hours and not worry about other things that need doing? For example, right now I am typing out this post with the knowledge that I'm leaving for work in an hour, with an essay deadline spiralling round my conscience that is due next week.

I am sick of feeling pressed for time, all the time. But the problem that I'm experiencing, is that I don't want to cut back on anything. I'm aware that the only way to improve the constant stress is to cut back on something, as the saying goes, something's gotta give. I'm terrified that it will be my mental well-being that gives in first, because my wanting to fill my week with plenty to do every week always takes up more time than I'd originally planned for, leaving me with a sense of needing to rush and get everything done in stolen moments. So where do I begin in order to simplify my life a little? I love working part time, for the extra money and my friends there, I love playing badminton when I can but recently my fitness has suffered because I simply can't attend as much as I used to, and I love making time for the important people in my life, again when I have the time.

I've taken a stance with myself that after Christmas, I will begin to be more tough with saying no to things that I know I simply won't be able to fit in, be it a night out, meeting up with friends or a training session. This will hopefully allow me to relax when required without feeling guilty as if I could be spending my time more effectively. I'm sure that if I don't soon, I will lose close connections and my sense of contentment studying for my degree.

How do you deal with a hectic schedule? Thanks for reading x
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