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Sunday, 26 October 2014

I realise posting this last month has been quite sporadic, as in, I've been posting when I have time to sit down, relax and write some quality content. During this time I also love catching up on my go-to blogs, meaning the ones I want to read out first of my over flowing Bloglovin' feed. So here are my favourite blogs for when I want to read about...

Beauty - From Roses by Rebecca
So much about Rebecca's blog suits my personal taste in beauty, and what I look for in a blog in general. The design is clean, simple and so sophisticated, with gorgeously clear photos. She also has similar skin requirements to mine as well as a tendency to use the same products again and again in posts which is something I love! It shows her readers that the products she chooses to involve on her blog really do work for her requirements and are worth purchasing. She writes in a very concise and to the point matter which is a writing style I aim to employ but I do find myself rambling every now and again...

Music - The Gizzle Review by Ed
I am a huge fan of reading reviews before or after I've tried something, particularly with music and films. The Gizzle Review offers great in-depth reviews of both these things, and this is the only blog I look to for reviews particularly for albums! This is because the author seems to have a very similar music taste to myself, with a veering towards alternative, RnB and recently more futuristic artists, as well as the more current chart artists. His posts have a big impact on where I discover new music, as I find it hard keeping up with new releases in music, and with finding new up and coming artists to enjoy as I hardly would've discovered them myself!

Lifestyle - Ginger Girl Says by Charlotte
Charlotte's blog has become a gradual favourite of mine, specifically for her lifestyle posts relating to the mysteries of love, dating and other pressures in life. Her posts ooze with personality, a bit of wickedness and bare-all truth that I feel sometimes the blogging world lacks. As you may know I'm also ridiculously nosey and I love reading about the ups and downs of her adventures in her personal life! I love the tone of her writing, as it's very accessible and personal, almost like chatting with her across a table. Her blog is a go-to of a mine when I need a giggle.

Fashion - Stylingo by Lauren and Claire
These days I'm not as big a fan of fashion blogs as I used to be (mainly because I get annoyed with blogs that post about 20 pictures of the same outfit.. not necessary!). Stylingo is another blog that is great at showing their personality through their writing, and through their pictures. Whilst their style isn't always the same as mine some of the pieces they choose are affordable and something I would go for so it's nice to see it being road-tested and given the go-ahead before I buy! Their reviews are always honest and relatable in clothing and beauty, which is a huge attraction as transparency is key with gaining a loyal audience.

So there's a little round up of my favourite blogs at the moment! Thanks for reading!

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