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Friday, 3 October 2014

Hi lovelies. Today I completed a questionnaire regarding my alcohol consumption for the university, and I'm ashamed to say I have no idea about units, meaning I was pretty much clueless as to how much I drink weekly or monthly. Just to clarify though I don't drink every day, I go out roughly 1 to 2 nights a week now because second year is quite serious business. 

This led me to think about how much drink I actually need for a night out in order to enjoy myself. Thinking back to my A level days I had a mentality that I didn't need to drink anything to have a good time, as I had become reasonably confident at house parties and gatherings. There's something very different about going to a club completely sober, however. I would say there's a lot more pressure placed upon students to get trollied before going out; as if you can't enjoy your night at all in a club if you're sober. I remember thinking before I left that I wouldn't be led astray by other students, that I would be sensible with my drinking and that I certainly wouldn't end up drunk. 

Whilst I have fared better than many of my friends at uni, having not once ended up in the gutter or throwing up in a bin, I have had a few too many hungover days feeling a little ill. I am aware that I have become reliant on needing to be at least tipsy before I leave, because there is an unspoken pressure to be in a jolly mood before you get to the club. I need to remind myself that I don't have to drink a certain amount to enjoy myself. I'm still a sociable person and I love chatting to new people at most given opportunities.

So if any students are reading this I want to give some advice (some that I need to follow myself...). Although the effect of alcohol is great for giving a bit of Dutch courage, a bit more self confidence and for getting you pumped for a night out, try not to rely on it. I know that certain types of alcohol can radically change my mood, better for worse, some make me feel ill in the morning and some just make me feel rough all day. So get to know what your body agrees with, what it doesn't, all in moderation of course and then tread lightly. Uni is a great time to meet people and you don't need to be falling all over the place to do this!

Thanks for reading! Have you ever felt drinking pressure? xx

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  1. Interesting post, especially your comparison between house parties at A levels and clubbing at uni. I was quite similar, not really feeling any need to be drunk as a 17/18 year old at house parties, but clubbing at uni was totally different. Although I don't feel at all pressured to drink, and often don't, I definitely feel like I don't have quite the same experience on a night out as my friends and really do not enjoy sober clubbing.
    Jennifer x
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