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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hey lovelies! So today is my blog's first birthday, I can't believe how quickly it's come around. I thought I would give you a summary on how my blog has progressed since the beginning, my favourite posts of the year and a few extras!

Looking back on how my life was back in 2013 on this very day, everything stressful was surrounding university, exams and not much else. Since then my everyday life has changed dramatically, personal wise and academic wise. At this time I had been in a long-term relationship and all was still going strong. This all changed in the summer, as if a time bomb was ticking due to the progression to university, and the doubts in my mind had grown as I knew we didn't possess the maturity to make it work long-distance. We ended very amicably, having recently caught up with him, it's been great to transition back to good friends again.

In 2014 I've had to deal with a fair few blows in my personal life. First, a recent break up with a short term boyfriend, a fall out with flatmates, and although both resolved, from these experiences I've learnt not to trust people so quickly. I've also realised that I should never feel guilty for standing up for myself, even if I'm not completely in the right. I felt that I'd been trodden on because I didn't accept all viewpoints of others, and was not afraid to stand my ground.

Having come to uni in September, I have since made some real friends amongst all the 10 second acquaintances. People I can rely on to see weekly, people to listen to my problems not just about my night out the night before. People who I can have fun with even if it's just a lazy night in front of the TV eating Chinese takeaway.

Looking at how my blog has developed over this past year, I'm starting to feel comfortable with my writing style, more confident about posting photos without them looking a bit amateur, and less worried about page views and follower numbers. I feel less pressure to post regularly, due to my pretty tight-packed schedule during the week, and satisfied with having something valuable to write about once I get to posting. This year I've began to include more beauty-related posts, and I'm enjoying showing my viewers more and more of my growing collection.

Here's the list of my 5 most popular posts of the year;

If this is a dream, I'll open my eyes - My most popular lifestyle post, where I talk about badminton and how I sadly finished training with my squad! I also wrote this post in French as well as English.

Let's write - My first post that I attempted to write in French, English and Spanish in order to give my readers an overview of my language learning.

Meet me halfway - A more recent post detailing my beauty purchases, of which many have become core favourites!

Waiting game - A recent lifestyle post drawing comparisons between two separate trips to Paris. This was also written in French and English.

Little observations - A while ago I started a mini series about the quirks of life I'd noticed. Eventually I forgot about posting these, but I really enjoyed writing this type of posts so I'm tempted to start it again!

And here, my favourite photos that I've posted on my blog this year;

Hands down one of the best meals I've ever had - pretty much a giant turkey twizzler in the south of France!

I love how the lighting made my lovely perfume bottles look so shiny!

My fun selfie before leavers ball - I haven't been able to pull this face since frustratingly.

This olddd picture of the Louvre taken on my year 9 trip to Paris, still so happy with the quality of this.
A recent day out with the family since I hadn't seen them in an age, both my hair and face was behaving so I felt the selfie appropriate!

So this has been my round up of my first year of blogging! I'd like to thank my followers who keep up with my posts regularly, it's such a lovely feeling to know that people want to read what you've written. I've discovered some amazing blogs this year, all featured in my sidebar and since I've followed many more! Thanks xx

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