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Monday, 2 December 2013

Hey lovelies I know it's been a while, okay ages. I've had quite an uninspired November, with plenty of work due, life's little dramas and settling into life at uni in general! I'm also missing home unbelievably, can't wait to just sit and chill with my friends and family.

So to catch you all up with life lately..

I can cook! and I actually enjoy it too!
I have no idea what happened to me, but I am loving picking what to eat every night. I thought initially that this would lead to me eating unhealthily with no encouragement to eat my veggies, but in a true twist of fate I've actually began to add veg by choice! My favourite thing to cook right now is curry without a doubt, you can add pretty much what you like. Best combo? Thai red curry sauce, prawns, green beans, mushrooms and rice. It's beautiful. Also I mastered the chilli con carne! I'm so proud of myself. And can we have a minutes appreciation for my fry up I had the other day, please don't judge how many sausages there are on that plate, I was very very hungry!

 I can't stop wearing these cute little boots.

They go with literally everything I own! These were £8 from Primark, I've had these just over a month and they're already looking lived in, I've worn them that many times. I love them that much that if these start to get really really scruffy I will buy myself another pair I can't imagine my life without them! Enough gushing.

Deezer favourites. 
Right now I'm listening to the weirdest mix of music every day through Deezer, a collection of favourites which I shuffle everytime I get ready. Without a doubt my most played songs recently have been;

  • Birthday - Katy Perry 
  • Nirvana - Sam Smith 
  • Move - Little Mix - 
  • Dark Horse - Katy Perry 
  • Indiana - Tom Aspaul
  • Control - Disclosure
  • Come Thru - Drake 
  • Trumpets - Jason Derulo
  • Drink You Away - Justin Timberlake
  • Afterglow - Wilkinson  
Perhaps one of the few similarities that ties all of these songs is a unique and addictive beat. One that makes you wanna bop and break into dance in my room. 

Bonding with my flatmates.
Although we didn't all get along at the beginning, we've all began to make more of an effort to get to know each other properly and I'm loving it! We make more of an effort to eat together at dinner time as well, it really makes a difference as to how well you get along. We've had some fun nights out and adventures recently and I now feel more settled in my flat which has been a real bonus. We're currently planning our flat christmas dinner! 

So there's my life update for you; I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of posting more regularly. I had a massive blank and this post has sparked my motivation again! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram (:

Much love xxx

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