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Monday, 11 November 2013

Tonight my lovelies I thought I would give you a round up of things I'm loving right now! It's a rather random list I'll warn you now;

1.Salted Caramel Everything! 
This stuff has been created by gods I swear. I've been hooked since buying a cute little tub of salted caramel sauce whilst on my girls holiday in France. It's home-made and since being at uni it's been one of the few luxuries to break up my everyday boring uni food routine. On toast with butter it's like angels giving me a treat for breakfast honestly it's that good. I am so obsessed with salted caramel that I bought a Carte D'Or Carton in its very own flavour, and lord it is beautiful. A fatty luxury, but totally worth it.

2. Drake
I have a confession to make to you dear readers, I am a Drake aficionado. I am obsessed with his music. And the release of his new album, Nothing Was The Same has not helped this addiction. I would call my love for his music a guilty pleasure, but I don't want to, because I no longer care. I love his gritty voice, his distinct rapping style, the fact that not every one of his songs are about sex and drugs. Okay, a lot of them are, but he has some deep messages too people! I love his bravado, he doesn't seem to take himself that seriously which is quite refreshing, you should always take his lyrics as a bit of fun. I think I have a problem, I'm listening to Nothing Was The Same as I type, give it a listen I ensure you are unlikely to be disappointed!

source - look at that face!

3. This scarf.

I'm reaally in love with this beauty from Primark. I know, Primark for only a fiver! It looks so much more expensive and that's why I love it so much. It goes with everything I have and it's ridiculously warm without drowning me in knitwear. Excuse the face in this picture I am make up free today and my hair was only washed a few hours ago!

4. Wunderlist - an organisation life saver


If you're like me and need serious organisation in your life, and you also like me spend way too much time on your laptop, you need this app. It's downloadable through Google Chrome and it's honestly my saviour. Every time I need to get something done, I write it first in my Paperchase personal organiser, and then transfer all the info onto this app on my laptop! The layout is beautifully simple, and because I am a list person through and through I can make visual lists that you tick off when you are finished. Perfect for someone like me who loves ticking things off when you've finished a task, just so satisfying! It allows you to create different lists depending on your schedule, for example I created a Uni list for all my week, since I get so much each week it makes the workload much more manageable. I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon this!

So that's my little round up of things I can't get enough of right now! Have any of these tempted you?

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