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Monday, 7 October 2013

Hello lovely people! You may have noticed it's been a very long time for me, partially because I've been so busy adjusting to uni life and also because i've had a bit of a mind blank concerning new posts! As i've said before I'd prefer to leave it before posting something of quality rather than something I've given no thought to just to keep my posts regular.

So now I've had some time to settle in, I thought I'd launch back in with observations I've made about university life as a fresher!

1. What's your name? What you studying? Where do you live? I'm already a little bored of this conversation starter that occurs with pretty much every student you meet during your day. For one if you're meeting someone in the same lecture as you, you can already predict quite accurately what they're studying anyway! It just seems a little pointless to ask which accommodation they're living in, because let's be honest would you see yourself making an effort to go visit your 10 second friend? I hate that there's an essential in conversation with anyone new you meet. At home was it essential to know all the subjects your friends were studying? I've now started to avoid trying to revert to these typical questions if I meet someone I instantly get along with; I feel it stunts conversation if you already have something normal to talk about. Even worse, if you don't click very well with someone and you've already asked these "ice breakers" where does your conversation head next? Nowhere. 

2. Freshers reps. Don't get me wrong some of the freshers reps were really lovely and welcoming for our halls but honestly some were just too keen on bundling everyone together! Even in my small block of 220 people, there was no way in hell everyone would all club together and have a "sick" night out. The first night out they were walking about shoving funnels in our faces egging people on (DOWN IT, DOWN IT, CHUG CHUG) which was just awkward because no one knew each other that well in our little common room. I appreciate that they wanted to promote a community feel to our halls because there aren't many of us, but personally I'd prefer to get to know people here over time, simply by circumstance (the bus stop is a prime location for networking).

3. Omg I was soooooooooooo drunk such a SIICK night!!! We've all been there, overhearing some proud student bragging to their mate at the top of their voice about how many Jager's they downed last night and how they chundered everywhaaar. It may be just me but I've never understood why people take pride in explaining how they drunk way too much and became out of control, as it basically screams "I don't know my limits and people have to look after me all night". It's all very well crowing that you can't remember any of that night despite desperately scouring the club night's photos for pictures on Facebook, however they seem to forget about the mates who have had to follow them round the club because they're terrified you would end up in a gutter at the end of the night, or going home with some creepy club perv.

4. You had a night IN?! I know. I've stayed at home some nights, can you believe it? This is because I'm not a nutter who wants 2 or 3 hours of sleep every night along with a good dose of freshers flu. I also don't mind sitting and chilling out with my flatmates, because I think some students need alcohol before they can even contemplate talking to people. At home, I only went out really late maybe 2 or 3 times a month maximum, simply because I had no time and going out was so bloody expensive! Therefore coming to uni has not transformed me into a party animal, meaning I do not need to go mental every night to enjoy myself!

Everyone on this bus was looking down at their phones. GO FRESHERRSSS
So that concludes my verging on ranty post on observations I've made so far. Despite these annoyances, I'm having a good time getting to know people and creating new memories! I've gotten close to a lovely set of girls and I can see us having a good laugh this year!

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