How blogging has shaped my career

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

How Blogging Has Shaped My Career
I've had this blog for over 5 years now, which is really quite surreal. Although it started as a hobby during my free time, blogging has evolved into a project which has shaped my career in a way I never thought would. What some still don't understand about blogging is that it is a valuable tool that allows you to market yourself in so many ways - creativity, time management, html and web design and most importantly, your writing skills.These kinds of skills are always highly-desirable in job candidates!

Currently, I work for a small PR agency in central London (you can read more about my job in PR itself on Girls in Work). However, I studied French, Spanish and European Studies at the University of Southampton. Countless times I have been asked how I arrived in PR from my degree, and quite simply, it boils down to my passion for writing. 

Throughout school I adored writing and essays, which led me to create my own blog to combine my enthusiasm for languages and writing alongside my A-level studies. It was amazing to see employers impressed by my blog - some even specifically referenced it as an advantage. 

I never imagined I would still enjoy blogging this much and to be honest, still have so much to say! It was only when sponsored and collaboration opportunities started to land in my inbox that I realised how much I enjoy writing with a specific brief, message and target audience as opposed to writing freely. Obviously, I love just braindumping my thoughts in my spare time, however, in no way could I do that for 40 hours a week. 
Writing for a brand rather than yourself is an intricate process; you have to think carefully about their brand voice, who they want to reach and how they want to be portrayed. Blogging gave me that first taste of how much I might enjoy it as a career. This then led me to intern in various agencies, build up my experience and before I graduated, secured my first job in London as a Junior Account Executive. 

Though I've moved into a new PR position, I still love it. It feels amazing to use my writing, creative and media liaison skills on a daily basis, and it feels good to feel happy and confident about my career as I continue to learn. Blogging teaches you a host of transferable skills, regardless of what you like to blog about. Anyone who wants to write should blog in some way - it's the perfect opportunity to create your own portfolio and allows you to explore the type of writing you'd like to do, and I'd recommend the same to budding photographers to build up that vital experience.

I have no idea how much longer I will continue blogging for, but the most important thing is that I'm still passionate about it and I continue to see the role that blogging has played in shaping my career. I'd recommend it to everyone!

Thanks for reading! Has blogging helped you to find your dream job? Or perhaps blogging id your everyday job! I wanna hear about the impact it's had on you.

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