From house to home - It's all in the mind

Sunday, 7 January 2018

From House to Home - It's All in The Mind

What is the difference between a house and home? For me, home is where I can be myself because my mind is settled. It has meaning and being in that space improves my mood and allows me to breathe and take notice of everything around me.

When I visit my boyfriend's house in Southampton for example, it's homely, tranquil and the perfect headspace from daily life. And yet, I own nothing in this space. Simply being there makes me feel balanced, happy and I find I worry less about the little things.

So, how can I make my own spaces make me feel the same way? I have the luxury of living at home again, in the same room that I grew up in as a little girl. However, I don't always feel relaxed in my room. When I first started working in London, I often came home feeling exhausted, but also too wired to sleep properly. Six months in, this has improved, nowadays I'm just annoyed from commuting!

It took me a while to realise that truly being yourself in your space has nothing to do with what's in that space - it's the feelings and emotions running through your head when you're there. The more you become accustomed to feeling the same negative sentiments in a particular space, the more you associate it with something less homely.

Making an effort to create an atmosphere that relaxes you with little things such as warm lighting, help you to associate it with feelings of homeliness, allowing you to shift down a gear. This helps me particularly in the evenings when I want to relax before bed after a long day.

But really, I'm learning that the biggest change must come from inside my head, by which all frustrations from the day are forgotten the second I arrive at the door. A house becomes a home when your brain relaxes the second you know you'll soon be able to be yourself for the rest of your evening.

Thanks for reading! How did you transform your house into a home? I want to hear all about it!

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