Bringing energy back to blogging in 2018

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Bringing Energy Back to Blogging in 2018

Bringing Energy Back to Blogging in 2018

2017 has been a strange year for myself and the blog. The first half of the year hurtled by, as I worked through the frenzy of final year studies, posting when I could and drinking lots of coffee in the process. The transition to working full-time has been odd, as the evenings and weekends now lay ahead to do whatever I want. As the weekends arrive, I often want to post but my head tends to be a vast blank space instead of full of inspiration.

The last few months of this year, I've felt my energy slip away as well as the golden pot of ideas. I'm a stickler for a routine, and as a result, has left me feeling uninspired as we approach new year. I love the freedom my blog allows for writing about whatever I want, but honestly, I rarely sit down and just write. I need my brain to get whirring again, so I want to bring that energy and passion back in 2018.

I'm sure lots of us are feeling this way as 2017 continues to wind down; here are a few ways I'm planning to feel the buzz again!

1. Get those thoughts down on paper

I absolutely love writing on paper. Getting the raw thoughts out without a blank screen sitting in front of you is much less intimidating! This works especially when you have a rough idea of what you'd like to talk about but not 100% about your points or your message yet - physically writing normally helps the words flow. I aim to write more during my free time this year to help ideas flow more freely.

2. Read more

I realised that this year, I hardly read for fun. Initially, after finishing my degree, I was so excited to have more time to read for pleasure, but I was surprised to find that books I liked in the past weren't as exciting to me anymore. This year I plan to discover different genres to read more widely, as reading books you are unable to put down is such a great feeling!

3. Listen to more podcasts

This year, I've discovered some fantastic podcasts that are great for either waking me up or allowing me to chill out on my commute. Some of my favourites are 99% Invisible, Ridiculous History, My Favourite Murder and Criminal. I want to find more! I love how they have the ability to move you, make you laugh or even cry. Some similar recommendations would be great to keep the creativity flowing!

4. Find new blogs

As previously mentioned, as a creature of habit, I regularly read a small collection of blogs, but I'm sure there's plenty out there that I would unknowingly love! I want to make more of a effort to find new inspiration from some great bloggers, as there's always something new I can learn from others to improve my own (send your faves my way please!).

5. Travel more

I've visited some wonderful places this year - Valencia, Barcelona and Salzburg to name a few! My curiosity for other places is always there, and I want to take more short weekend breaks, especially in the UK! It's easy to forget about the amazing cities on our doorstep, so I'd love to see more of our own turf this year. I'd love to go abroad a few times as well - I'm always keen to use French and Spanish as much as possible while it's still fresh in the mind.

I'm hoping these things will bring back some energy into blogging in 2018. However, I want to know what you're planning to do to spruce up the new year too! Tell me all about it below!

Thanks for reading!

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Bringing Energy Back to Blogging in 2018


  1. Good Luck with your goals! It's one of mine to start reading again. Hope you have a brilliant year x

    Jamie-Leigh x

    1. Thank you Jamie! Trying to stick to these goals where I can :) hope you're having a fab start to your year too! xx


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