5 library essentials

Friday, 21 October 2016

5 Library Essentials

That's right folks. Final year means I'm going to be a busy bee, and within a few weeks I shall be basically living in the library. I've compiled a list of pretty, nice and useful things to help you through the arduous work and the often frustrating aspects of libz life.

1. Headphones
This is a rather obvious choice, but I cannot stress enough how useful a good quality pair of headphones are for cancelling out sound. The library can become a place full of irritating and disruptive noise, particularly when a flu is going around! To help block out all the sniffing and coughing, I recommend a good pair such as my Sony's which have quite a rich bass to them. If I'm in the process of writing an essay, I like to put on music with no lyrics, so that I'm able to properly focus.

2. Watch
It seems like a strange choice, but the more I go to the library the more I find leaving my phone at the house helps me to not get distracted. It is genuinely ridiculous seeing how many people at the library are actually doing their work, the majority manage around 5-10 minutes before picking up their phone again and scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. Hence, a watch comes in handy so that you don't spend all night at the library by accident! I also like to try work for around 50 minutes before having a quick walk around or topping up my water to give my head a little break.

3. Diary
It's the first year that I've started using an academic diary, and my god it's a life saviour! It's only recently that I realised how many little details of day to day things I so easily forget, which I often just assume that I'll remember. Since getting one I'm so much more organised with planning ahead for the week coming, so I've had less to get on with at the weekend! Definitely bring it to the library so that you can plan out your session to get the most done efficiently.

4. Hand cream
I absolutely despise the constant change in heating to air conditioning in the library, it frankly drives me mad. I never know whether to turn up in 5 layers or summer clothes! I find because of this my hands get pretty dry whilst I'm working, particularly dry now it's getting colder.

5. Lip balm
As well as my hands, my lips always get so chapped during winter, so I always have a lip balm to hand when I'm out and about and chilling in the library. I'm a big fan of ones such as Nuxe which are super thick and moisturising. Of course water also helps to keep you hydrated!

That's my list of cute perk-me ups for when library life is just too much. What do you like to take with you when you're studying?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. It´s funny how everyone´s final year seems to be so busy while mine is so chilled. I only have three seminars & a few extra courses on three weekends and that´s it. So the only reason I´m going to be spending time in the library is for research for my upcoming bachelor thesis. For me a hand cream would be an essential as well. My hands get so dry in the colder months, so I need something to keep them moisturised.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa


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