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Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday Favourites
This week, I've really struggled to motivate myself to get work done. This is mostly because I'm so excited to finally see my family again for the first time since Christmas, in Madrid. I had moments of really missing home and wondering if I'd made the wrong choice not to go home for Easter, but in no way would I have made such headway with the dissertation this week if I had. Here's a few things that I've loved this week.

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Essence Lash Princess 

Essence Cosmetics Lash Princess

I ordered Lash Princess a little while ago from Maquillalia, when I was feeling horrifically ill, and incredibly sorry for myself. I've never ordered anything from Essence before so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I'm incredibly impressed! I really don't like the packaging, I think it looks a little cheap, which puts a lot of people off. The brush is a little odd, it's synthetic and twisted in a curve. Yet it manages to grab all your lashes and coat them with a very black formula. However, I would recommend getting rid of the excess on the brush otherwise your lashes will end up looking a bit clumpy.

Zayn - Mind of Mine
Without a doubt, it's become cool again to like previously very uncool artists (or that's what I think anyway), since the likes of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and now Zayn are all grown up with much slicker sounds. Every new release of Zayn's singles over the last few weeks have been catchy, unique and addictive. Mind of Mine is very much a departure from One Direction's classic teen boyband pop. The song content is a little more saucy (ooh I say!) without grossing the listener out. One minor detail about this album irritates me a lot though - Track 1 to 13 titles are WrItTeN LiKe ThIs, and then for some reason Track 14 to 18 decides to go full on capitals. Call me fussy but this lack of discontinuity is really frustrating! Favourites on the album Like I Would, BRIGHT, Bordersz, TiO and She Don't Love Me.

This blog post by Hannah Emily Lane
Any fellow uni students will understand the struggles that come with writing a good assignment, or the current feeling of drowning in stress whilst writing their dissertations. Hannah Emily Lane is a recent blog discovery, she's even included a super helpful free printable checklist to help you proof read and edit effectively!

Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes

If you caught my most recent post this week, you might notice that I'm going through a bit of a fruit love affair. I'm terrible for going through phases of being obsessed with food and then getting bored and not touching them again for ages. All it took was one evening where I decided to try out banana pancakes with friends that I suddenly fell in love with banana again. They're so simple to make as well! All you need is two eggs for every banana you use. I always add in some cinnamon as well to add a bit of sweetness.

Employable Me
I'm a huge fan of Undateables, and I would seriously recommend this mini series from BBC 2. It provides an interesting insight into the struggles of individuals with mental disabilities such as Tourettes and Autism to find a full-time job. All employers state themselves proud to be "equal opportunities" but no one knows how true this statement really rings true. I love that the participants are never presented in a way that is meant to provoke sympathy for them, rather that the audience understands just how hard it is for them even to be offered an interview. It's certainly a tear-jerker at times though!

What have you been enjoying reading, watching and listening to this week?


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  1. Thank you so much for the mention!! :D Love this post, I now really fancy some banana pancakes haha. I've also got Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson stuck in my head haha! :')

    Hannah xx


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