the 10 best driving songs

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The 10 Best Driving Songs

Isn't it amazing how much of an impact the music that your family plays in the car influences your taste when you're growing up? While I love a huge variety of music genres and artists, there's something comforting, nostalgic and instantly uplifting about hearing classics, especially in the comfort of a car filled with those closest to you in life.

Turo is a service which lets car owners rent their vehicles to other drivers for a weekend trip, a holiday, whatever you might need it for (rent responsibly!). They've challenged me to compile a playlist of songs which never fail to get me singing at the top of my voice in the car, much to the annoyance of my family. Here's ten of my favourite songs to blast in the car during long journeys!


As you can see, there's quite a mix in there. I couldn't not include Drake's new single, which I already mentioned in my Saturday favourites post, it has very nearly taken over my life. However, I say this in a completely positive way. Whilst my parents certainly wouldn't want to join me and Drizzy's duet, they would with the Eagles. They're a country rock band through and through, and I couldn't think of a better album to listen to on a sleepy drive at sunset than their most recent album, Long Road Out of Eden (not that recent, it was released in 2007, but still). This is guaranteed to get my whole family singing, in true and cringe-worthy Frozen style. 

I am partial to long journeys, in the car or on public transport (not so much rail replacement though). All I need with me are my trusty Sony headphones, and some chocolatey snacks. However, the team at Turo think journeys are best spent with great company. Renting with their network of car owners means a service that is trusted, safe and most importantly, friendly! In this way, I would recommend these songs to anyone using my car in the future, like a friend to another. Once I get round to learning to drive that is!  

What all of these songs have in common, regardless of genre or style, is a super recognisable intro beat. The type that instantly perks you up, and turns you into the Volkswagen's very own Mariah. Having not yet taken a driving lesson, I'm very happy to sit back in other people's cars and fill the silence with my own fabulous voice! My playlist is recommendable anywhere you might need a little injection of happiness, with a dash of sass. Be it a miserable day at the library (me all the time right now), cooking or cleaning your room! 

What are your favourite happy songs? Where's your favourite place to listen to your music?

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