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Monday, 13 July 2015

This year I've really gotten into highlighter, and it's ridiculous how much of a difference it can make to help define your face a little more. I've been a lot more tentative with bronzer, given that I have very pale skin so bronzer can just end up looking bricky or muddy on my face! Here's a round up of my four favourite highlighters which I like to use in rotation.

Clarins Éclat Minute in Light
I'm absolutely in love with this, and I'm just as terrified of this running out! It comes in a liquid form which isn't too gloopy or shimmery. I have two different ways I like to use this in order to create a dewy base; firstly if I want a more low key during the day brighten, I'll mix this with any of my favourite foundations in order to create a subtle glow. The other more traditional way is to dab along the top of my cheekbones up towards my browbone after applying foundation, but before powder to create a more standout highlight. I always powder afterwards though in order to stop the effect looking too shimmery or glittery! It's so easy to blend with other products and it lasts for a long time! I only need to use a pea-size amount to cover all areas I wish to brighten, and it's lasted me a long time considering how much I use it! While the price tag is a little less accessible than others, for the effect it produces it's certainly worth it.

Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow
I bought this on the last day of my holiday in Malta back in March and I've gone through stages of using it every day and then neglecting it for other choices! Being honest I only use two of the five shades out of this palette, the two most muted colours! The others are much too glittery for me, no one really likes the glitterball look, and these just aren't easy enough to blend out to stop looking overdone. The two I actually use however are gorgeous. Although the bright pink looks a little scary I often use it as a blush contour parallel to my highlight to help define without needing to use bronzer. The least glittery pink shade (it's almost completely muted) produces such a gorgeous effect as a powder highlighter. You need to blend a little ( I use fingers, shoot me!) to stop the line looking too obvious on the face but once blended it looks beautiful!

Seventeen SkinWow! 3 Way Highlighter
I first mentioned this on the old blog way back in November last year, so I could say by now I've had plenty of time to make my mind up about this product! I would honestly say this is a more purse-friendly alternative to the Clarins option, despite the fact that the formula is noticeably more shimmery. And much like the latter I often mix this with my beloved 10 Hour Sleep Foundation by Bourjois to create a flawless, dewy yet light base. I still do not agree that you can use this as a primer, mainly due to the shimmer (no glitterball please). However it works great as a standard highlighter, provided you are careful with how much you dab on - it's really hard to get rid of the shimmer once you've applied too much! But overall I'd say this is a close alternative to the Clarins Éclat Minute, especially if you're a newbie to highlighter and you don't want to shell out just yet.

Thanks for reading! What are your favourites for highlighting? xx

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