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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The lovely Rachel Anne from Illustrated Teacup has kindly tagged me in a love/hate tag. It's been a while since I've done a post like this, and I love a good old moan so what better opportunity than to list 10 things I hate?! As well as the little things in life which I love other than my amazing family, friends and boyfriend.

10 Things I Love

  1. Long, rambling walks - I love walks with one other person, where you just walk non stop for hours, and just talk about anything and everything, always a plus in gorgeous weather too!
  2. Tweezing my eyebrows - Bit of a weird one ( Can't be the only one?!) but the feeling of grabbing that pesky untidy brow is so satisfying! 
  3. Singing - Honestly, I swear I spend all day listening and singing to music, especially since I currently carry out so many mundane jobs at the hotel, I need the music to keep me motivated and focused, and singing is liberating!
  4. Sweet potato EVERYTHING - I'm in love. If I could only eat it all day, I honestly would! Healthy and yummy is not a common combination so I'm taking full advantage!
  5. Good messy bun days - You know the days when you nail the effortlessly meticulous bun in one go! Unlike most days when it takes a good few tries..
  6. People watching - if you hadn't guessed by now, I'm the nosiest person ever! I love getting little insights into other people's lives.
  7. My filter coffee machine - I received my blessing and a curse for Christmas this year, and it makes coffee just so smooth and delicious! The only issue is that I'm now a coffee snob and I can't deal with instant anymore..
  8. Badminton - I couldn't not mention this! I've gone from playing 3 times a week at uni to hardly at all in France so I have serious withdrawal symptoms right now! It's such a fun and fast-paced sport which anyone can get involved with, what's not to love! 
  9. Travelling - This year my travel bug is on fire! I've been to Malta with my lovely boyfriend, I'm currently working in the Alps which is just beautiful, I will be off on a family holiday to Germany in August and then I'm off to finally begin my year abroad in Salamanca! 
  10. Cosy nights in - I've enjoyed nothing better than a Chinese takeaway and watching Prison break with my boyfriend, it was a perfect way to relax after assignment deadlines or just crappy days
10 Things I Hate

  1. Packing/Unpacking - It is boring and lengthy - I'm currently unpacking still from France while having to repack for my family holiday to Germany! 
  2. Rude customers - I had to serve a few guests in the hotel in France who just would not acknowledge I was there, it was disgusting behaviour!
  3. Smelly food - For me, smell can totally put me off food - particularly spinach, pickles onions, gherkins cabbage - all have very pungent smells!
  4. Student housing agencies - They really expoit poor students. Mine has been slow to reply, has charged us for damages which we did not do, and charged us for repair emergencies by surprise! All resulting in over half of our deposits not being returned to us. Big advice to any second year students - always go with a direct landlord!
  5. Buzzfeed lists - I ranted about this here, they just seem to go on forever with those moving GIF images!
  6. Victoria's Secret - I can't be the only one who thinks their clothes look cheap and not great quality? I've really never understood why everyone kicks up such a huge fuss about their pieces.. 
  7. Bragging festival goers - Yes, we got it. You went to a festival, you had an AMAZING time, you wish you could go back, it was the best weekend of your life. No need to go on!
  8. Wasps - The most irritating and pointless bug, they do little expect annoy you when you're eating and buzz in your ear.
  9. Period dramas - I LOVE history. I can't stand over-dramatised TV shows though, like Downtown Abbey, Indian Summers and The Tudors. They gloss over the real stories, and swap it for more emphasis on the glitz and glamour instead of giving a realistic picture of what the period was like.
  10. "Gap Yah" - Those people who go travelling, to "find themselves", and "explore the world" all the while completely ignoring the people who live there, the not-so nice areas and how they live. It drives me mad! 
So that was my round-up of my loves and hates! May have gotten a bit ranty towards the end.. 

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