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Friday, 8 August 2014

On the second to last day in Trinité sur Mer, we had the opportunity of visiting an enchanting little greenhouse with the most extraordinary butterflies I've ever seen all under one roof. I'm not even going to apologise for a photo-heavy post, you'll thank me later I'm sure.

The greenhouse was only small, but it was a recreated paradise with winding paths full of exotic plants and of course, breathtaking butterflies. I was taken aback by how docile they were, I was able to have the camera merely inches away and hardly ever did they fly off! The heat was pretty intense at times, but every now and again bouts of watery spray would cool down the greenhouse, creating a rainforest-like atmosphere! It was bizarre to come out of the greenhouse onto a normal street when inside was almost another world away.

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  1. Thanks for linking me to your post, what gorgeous butterflies. I do love the bright blue ones but that blue and orange one is also gorgeous. It's hard to believe they're real, they're so brightly coloured.

    1. ah thank you! I know right the wing design was so different from others on the blue and orange it was amazing! The whole experience was pretty surreal but I loved it :)


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