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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hi lovelies. I haven't bought many products recently as any poor student will know, I've been trying to earn as much money as possible to fund this summer and my student accommodation! This therefore means I've bought only products I actually need, from brands that I trust.

Garnier The Marvellous Transformer Shampoo and Conditioner
I've been using this lovely combo for around 3 or 4 months now, and these are both re-purchases because the bottles before lasted so long. The shampoo is a clear, runny consistency which lathers pretty easily. This is the first combo that I've tried which I can use without mixing it up with others to prevent the shampoo drying out my scalp. After every use my hair is more manageable, with a pretty sheen to it, even if I've been putting off getting my hair cut for longer than appropriate. This suits me perfectly, as I hate getting my hair cut!
The conditioner is the weaker of the pair - although the consistency is quite thick, I find the softness left afterwards is temporary, and doesn't help much to keep it in good condition. I have the impression that I would be left with the same results if I hadn't used the conditioner and just the shampoo, but I like the idea of using the same brand together.

Sephora Moisturizing Beautifying Water
I've never tried a facial spray to set make up before; normally I just finish off with Natural Collection Loose Powder et voilá. I bought this in Brittany when shopping, and the heat was pretty constant on my holiday hoping that it would help to cool my face down and to keep it hydrated. It smells a little like sun cream when you first spray it on, but it fades once you gently massage it into your face. It leaves my skin looking a little brighter and I often use it when playing badminton to stop my cheeks going so red!

Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk
I have two die hard favourite cleansers in my stash; the No 7 Melting Gel Cleanser and REN Jojoba Facial Polish, but for a while I've wanted to try a cleansing milk because my skin tends to flare up if I'm too rigorous with it. The consistency feels more like a moisturiser, but you don't need too much to cover the face, and it helps to melt away my make up, particularly eye make up. Aftewards my face feels gently refreshed and calmed down.

St. Ives Apricot Body Scrub
This is a long awaited re-purchase, as I recently tried other body scrubs but decided to come back to this. I love gritty body scrubs because they make me feel like it's working to soothe my muscles. Although this is shown as Apricot, the scrub hardly smells of it, it's very lightly fragranced. It looks like porridge, and is lumpy much like it, but I love using this! It leaves my skin feeling softer especially after working out.

Boots Botanics Radiant Youth Night Cream
I've needed a night cream for a little while after running out of my Pure Skin Overnight Cream, but I didn't really know where to look! I've only used one other product from the Boots Botanics range before so I hope that this will repair my skin over night much like my night cream did before. The consistency is thick and cream coloured, and sinks in quite quickly without leaving an oily film on the face before bed.

Thanks for reading! xx


  1. I so wish we had sephora in england :( I didn't like the boots botanics range much, I tend to stick to ponds cream which is what my mum always used and it's always served me pretty well.

    S xo.


    1. Omg I know right, every time I go to France or Spain I end up going a bit mad in there! ahh yeah I've heard about Ponds, I've only ever used a hair mask from Boots Botanics I quite liked it! So far it's done quite a good job but I guess time will tell x


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