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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hi lovelies, without a doubt my favourite posts are lifestyle based, because I love reminiscing and reflecting on all the amazing holidays I've been lucky enough to experience growing up. Italy is one of my favourite countries to visit in the summer, and in the past I've been to Lombardy, Tuscany, Milan, Turin, Vieste in the south, and my most recent destination, Venice in 2012. I'd wanted to see it for a long time so I was astounded by it once I finally got to see it!

Me and my family stayed on a camp-site across the small stretch of water between Italy and Venice, in a little town called Jesolo. We spent most of the week relaxing on the camp-site as it had a whopping 7 swimming pools, along with shops, cafés and bars. But of course the main highlight of the week was travelling across by boat to spend the day in Venice.

One of my favourite aspects of the city were the beautiful bridges, like the one above which helps you to walk around the city. After going down some of these steps the streets often wind round leading you through a maze-style path to another narrow and authentic-looking street. We found that often we'd already walked past a certain street already but we couldn't remember how to get back!

This photo brings back very sharp memories of our day. By this time the heat was becoming unbearable for us poor English tourists. I remember walking along this street trying to walk underneath shady areas as much as possible because I was desperate to cool down! The buildings also have such a rustic feel along this high street, with the classic European style wide pavements ideal for ambling along, with enough space for little street cafés dotted all the way down.

By afternoon we wanted to rest our legs, as we had walked almost the whole way round the city! I remember sitting with my family, enjoying our snacks and simply watching the world go by. I saw a huge variety of people whilst sat here - massive families, tourists from all over the world, cute couples immersed in the romance of Venice, all attempting to get out of the prickly heat.

This was taken just outside of St. Marc's Square, the main piazza in Venice. It was absolutely teaming with tourists at this point, but this did not overshadow the beauty of the area! The vast open space was full of designer stores, expensive cafés in the square and street sellers.

This is one of my favourite photos taken whilst seeing Venice, seriously how beautiful does the water look?! This was taken on a tiny island separate from the main area of Venice, and the whole town away from the more touristy area was so peaceful in comparison. We discovered a small cathedral, a green and well kept village square and lots of old and authentic looking houses.

I had an amazing time exploring Venice, but we didn't manage to spend as much time as we wanted looking around the city because of the constant heat - there was no wind or breeze so we spent a lot of time looking for shade and cover. If anything I would've loved to see it on a rainy day - the place would've looked so beautiful and surreal and the narrow, winding streets provide shelter from the weather. The other thing is to note that everything in Venice is extremely expensive, so be sure to avoid cafés and restaurants in the main squares and high streets, and explore a little to find hotspots in the backstreets to keep the day less costly.

Thanks for reading! Have you visited Venice before? xx

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