Say hello to Thoughts by Fi

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Say Hello to Thoughts By Fi

For those of you who've read this blog for a while, you'll have seen it change name, design and focus a few times now, and it's only natural that it grows with me as I attempt to grow up myself. Part of me still cannot believe that it's still here, ticking along, albeit this year I've neglected it a lot.

This has mostly stemmed from the fact that I felt unhappy with how the blog looked and feeling like I was giving less time to writing posts, but then I'd sit down and just feel a bit bewildered. The longer I left it, the bigge the task felt in terms of changing things up.

Also, a lot of my personal life has rapidly changed over the last few months, and therefore, finding any time for blogging or Instagram has felt a bit exhausting to be honest. Jack was living with me for a few months in my flat in Primrose Hill and towards the end of my tenancy, we began our search to rent a one bed flat in London. If anyone has tried to look for a flat in London before, you will instantly understand how demoralising the experience is!

We saw a plethora of interesting interpretations of the term 'one bed flat' - tiny, poky, one-room studios, places where the only kind of separation we'd have from each other would be when one of us went to the toilet and new imaginations of essentially student living such as 'shared amenities' and having to be quiet by 10pm. By the time we saw the one, we'd seen about eight flats and we were feeling so disheartened by the whole experience.

Our little mews house is just what we were looking for and it just has that vibe to it - cosy, homely and lived-in despite the fact it's a new build. What's more, it has two floors, so we can make sure we have space from one another and thus we won't kill each other after something petty like leaving dirty laundry on the floor. I was keen to carry on living in north west London as there's plenty of green space nearby and we're living a few stops farther down the Northern line so it's still easy to get into central London.

It still hasn't truly sunken in that we've taken our next step as a couple moving in together, due in part to the fact that we had some time to 'practise' at my old flat. So far, it's been really fun to have the space and freedom to add in furniture as we go and add our own personal touches to make the house feel like our own. It's so exciting seeing how much of a difference adding a bookshelf or chest of drawers brings to a room!

Outside of my personal life, I've added another hobby to my list to help improve the overall aesthetic and appearance of the blog. Jack has told me for months that I should buy a 'proper' camera aka a DSLR and I felt a little nervous about it. After months of research and changing my mind a million times I finally bought a Nikon D3500 for my birthday and I must admit, I'm really enjoying learning how to use the camera in manual mode. It seemed a bit complicated at first but slowly, I'm getting the hang of it!

I'm utterly obsessed with food, London lifestyle and travel and I want to really focus on these categories. I have a few holidays coming up so I want to deliver higher-quality posts and dedicate more time to sharing content I'm truly happy with. What I've found that as my job in PR often entails a lot of writing and editing, I often feel exhausted and a bit braindead by the time I sit down to work on the blog, so I'm gonna be kinder to myself and try to feel less guilty if I don't post for a while.

Here's hoping you all like the new design! Feedback always welcome! Thanks for reading.

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