If you eat three things... edition #1

Sunday, 28 April 2019 London, UK

If You Eat Three Things... Edition #1
I'm absolutely nuts about food and I've been thinking hard about the best way to talk about it more on the blog in smaller, bit-sized nuggets. I spend most of my time watching food shows filled with ridiclous jargon like 'quinelles', 'water baths' and 'confit lemons', talking about what I've eaten/what I'm about to eat to anyone that will listen and thinking about what I want to cook next so this new regular instalment is a great way to move in the right direction without feeling like I'm changing the lifestyle element of my blog too much.

So without further ado, here's the first edition of If You Eat Three Things... my new food series focusing on three fabulous dishes or snacks that I've tried recently from great places, which will mainly be in London but I have no doubt that there will be restaurants thrown in from other places too! I hope you enjoy it.

If You Eat Three Things... Edition #1
Cannolis from Casa Cannoli, £7 for four

Anyone that knows me well will not be surprised to see desserts sitting front of mind. I have an embarrasingly sweet tooth and I suffer from a terrible affliction of the second pudding stomach, where which no matter how full I am from dinner, I will always have a little pouch sitting ready to devour something sweet straight after.

These fabulous cannolis were found at a stall in Greenwich Market known as Casa Cannoli. They are based in a number of locations across London, generally at small food markets like Broadway Market in Hackney and One New Change in the City. We opted for two Clasico, filled with beautiful ricotta cheese and chocolate chips and garnished with candied orange and two Pistachio, rich with pistachio cream and finished with pistachio nuts sourced from Bronte, a town in Sicily. 

The Clasico was gloriously sweet and indulgent, whilst the Pistachio versions provided a nuttier, slightly more savoury taste. They were an utter joy to sit and eat amongst the weekend bustle of Greenwich market and I must say we had a lot of jealous onlookers.

If You Eat Three Things... Edition #1

If You Eat Three Things... Edition #1
Taiwanese Fried Chicken and Soy Cured Egg at BAO Fitzrovia,  £7.50

On the same day as the cannolis, Jack and myself had decided to treat ourselves to a slightly boujie lunch in Fitzrovia, at a popular Taiwanese restaurant known as... BAO, famous for their fluffy, cloud-like steamed buns. It's similar well-known for lacking in seats, and it's only possible to book at this branch which has a cosy 46 seats. In its smallest restaurant in Soho, there are only six! 

Virtually every dish we had was insane, including their famouss Bao buns but being honest, the Taiwanese Fried Chicken was the star dish for its beautifully crispy batter, incredibly juicy chicken and oh my, where do I begin with the dipping sauce?! It looked paired back on the plate, but a soy cured egg sat on top of an incredible chilli sauce which mixed together, made for the most heavenly dipping sauce to complement the saltiness of the fried chicken. The egg yolk gave the chilli sauce an indescribable sweetness which left me and Jack wiping up every last bit.

If You Eat Three Things... Edition #1

If You Eat Three Things... Edition #1
Salt Cod Hash at Bar Douro, Flat Iron Square, £6 for a small portion, £9 to share

I'd spotted Bar Douro on Instagram on a number of beautiful accounts that I follow, and I'd wanted to visit for a while as I'm a huge fan of Portuguese food. This was another weekend lunch jaunt with Jack and we even treated ourselves to a Port Tonic to celebrate the occasion!

This restaurant had a fabulous array of delicious and authentic-tasting dishes, packed with flavour and unique ingredients. The standout dish here has got to be the Salt Cod Hash, perfect for anyone who loves fish.

We couldn't believe the size of this sharing portion of this magnificent heap of crispy onions, potatoes, and the famous salt cod or bacalhau fried in egg. It was quite a rich dish but lordy this was so moreish! You'll be pleased to know that we polished off the lot and there were zero regrets.

I really hope you enjoed this first edition! I've got loads of amazing restaurants and cafes to talk about over the next fex months, it's the first time in a while that I've felt in any way excited about the blog. I'm always open to feedback though so please let me know what you liked and disliked about this!

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