Little life catch-up

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Little Life Catch Up

Hello there. It's nice to be posting on here again for once, it's been a while. February passed by in an absolute whirlwind, and not sure how on earth we're halfway through March already... sorry what.

I haven't written any long, rambly posts about what's going on in my life recently so perhaps it's time for a bit of an update. 2019 has seen a lot of change at work so far, all positive but my word was it busy and stressful at points. My company is small so when the workload really piles up, everything feels very hectic. I've tried to remedy this with a lot of shit TV, with some of my favourites being Instant Hotel (Australian show like Come Dine With Me, but five pairs review each others' AirBnBs, incredibly addictive), Masterchef, and I've even been getting into Celebs Go Dating so I think I've reached new heights (or lows).

On the flip side, work has also been exciting and challenging, and I've been able to experience a few perks like events and treats so I feel lucky about where I am at the moment.

Towards the end of February, I went away with the family for my first little holiday of the year, and we've never been so lucky with weather before! It was sunny and warm the whole weekend which was perfect. We stayed in a cute cottage in the New Forest and I came back feeling refreshed and bit calmer. We spent time visiting the coast, eating lots of delicious food, wandering through the forest and seeing lots of ponies of course. 

I normally feel a bit down if I don't have any trips to look forward to, so I'm really excited that me and Jack have booked a getaway to Genoa in Italy for a few days. I spent a lot of time in Italy for family holidays when I was younger so I'm excited to go back! 

It seems like the perfect mix for an escape, a bustling city that sits by the sea. I'm hoping it'll be easy for us to hop over to Portofino for a day on the train as I've always wanted to visit. It's given me a great excuse to pick up my Italian again with Duolingo. I'm not looking forward to the judgmental  reminders when I inevitably forget to practise though...

On the subject of past-times, I'm really enjoying sports and fitness at the moment, and I've settled into a great routine which I'm trying hard to stick to. I love kicking off my week with some pilates, I play at a badminton club on Tuesday and recently, upon mum's recommendation, I've been getting into bodypump! I'm pretty stubborn and I tend to resist hype around something until I decide to try it for myself, and I was surprised by how much I could do given my weedy arms!

It's a fab mix of core strength exercises like crunches, planks and press-ups with weights added. I've always thought of weights as a bit intimidating but this class is a great introduction to it. My shoulders die afterwards but I'm intrigued to see if it will have any effects on the rest of my fitness. If  don't manage to get to bodypump I'll do circuits instead, which for me is the perfect way to get fit with lots of variety.

On an entirely different note, I realised the other day that I've now been living in London for over a year. The time has gone so quickly. I'm still enjoying living here and I feel lucky to live in north west London! My living situation may be changing quite drastically at the end of my tenancy so on that I will have to keep you on tenterhooks!  

Thanks for reading my higgledy-piggledy post, I'm hoping this will help me back into the habit of posting again! Hope you enjoyed.

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