5 must-see Netflix series this autumn

Saturday, 7 October 2017

5 Must-See Netflix Series This Autumn

So, it's autumn! This week has already felt more crisp and chilly in the morning (still boiling on the tube in the evening though, boo). It's that time of the year when you crave getting snuggled up in front of the TV with Netflix and a warming mug of hot chocolate. I love nothing more than being addicted to a series and feeling excited to settle down with your series-watching buddy and getting stuck in! The new 4K Television from Panasonic* is your gateway to beautiful series-binging this season.

To celebrate the release of their new ultra-HD television, I want to chat today about my favourite series on Netflix at the moment. I don't always find the time to watch my favourites, thanks to the unspoken rule of not watching the next episode if your series pal isn't there. So frustrating, especially when your boyfriend no longer lives in the same city as you! Furthermore, it's a lot to harder to sit and enjoy series when you live at home, particularly when my parents aren't the biggest fans of crime conspiracies or drug lords (nightmare).

TV access grievances aside, see below my 5 must-see Netflix series this autumn!

1. Arrested Development
A disclaimer as we get stuck in here - practically none of these series are actually new or recent! I started watching this a few months ago and it is such a gem of a comedy series to watch when I find the time.

Featuring Jason Bateman and so many other actors you'll have recognised from something else (Michael Cera is super young in this!), they are the hugely wealthy Bluth family, whose lives are turned upside-down when their father, head of the company is found guilty of money-laundering and is sent to prison. Michael Bluth (Bateman) susbequently takes control of the business and the family, a hugely frustrating and stressful task for him.

The clash of personalities and individual quirks of each family member make this such a joy to watch. The script is quick and incredibly sharp, so it is not a loll about and half-listen to the dialogue kind of series. There are so many hilarious comments thrown-in which are always connected and significant to the outcome of the episode, which is what makes the layout of each one so good! I would highly recommend if you're a fan of series such as The Office (UK of course).

2. Narcos 
As I mentioned, I am a big fan of crime and druglord-related things, and when it's Pablo Escobar, I'm all over the case. I'm currently trundling through the second series, on the rare occasion neither parent needs the TV. As you can imagine, it's not the kind of thing you settle down with your family to sit down and watch! That said, the third series focuses on the rapid rise of the rival Cali Cartel in Colombia, after Pablo Escobar was killed along with the prominence of the MedellĂ­n Cartel.
It's not been as good as the first two, mainly because the main draw to the show isn't in the series. As the central character, Pablo Escobar (or "Pablito") is an intriguing and fascinating individual, as you watch him wrangle a billion-dollar business and the daily struggles of protecting his family, business associates and friends from the danger of being caught by the FBI.

The series is incredibly fast-moving and the third series is gradually introducing new characters involved in the Cali cartel, and I get the impression they've wanted to avoid trying to replace Pablo's hugely important character with another, to avoid alienating Narcos fans. Regardless, I will continue watching to see how it develops!

3. The League
I was introduced to this underrated comedy series by a former housemate a few months ago, but in a surprising turn of events, after showing the family, both my parents have fallen hook, line and sinker for it! They have gone so far as to break the rules and have often watched episodes without me. I know, I was horrified when I realised (traitors). Unlike Arrested Development, you can quite easily stick this on and it's always funny, no matter where you pick up and leave off! I can take my brain out and watch this after a long day at work.

The series follows a quirky bunch of friends who are all part of a fantasy football league. The beauty of this show is that they use random football jargon about swapping out players and picking teams but people universally understand the humour that follows it. Though they are friends mainly because of the league, their lives are interwoven and something completely different happens in each episode, so they don't strictly follow a sequence of events through the series.

The comments and piss-taking is what the makes show so enjoyable, as essentially they continually stitch each other up and do stupid stuff together. It's so easy to watch, which makes it dangerously easy to binge on!

 4. Atypical
This series is actually new on Netflix, having come out a few months ago. I've always been a nosey person, no surprise to anyone who knows me well. I guzzle up dating shows like First Dates and Undateables, because essentially they allow you to watch other people's dates, and I always want these people to have their happy ending! Atypical follows the life of a teenage boy called Sam, who has autism and is trying to navigate the often confusing world of love and dating.

I'm naturally a curious person and it's so interesting to see how people with mental disabilities manage everyday problems and tasks in an individual way. I'm aware some people aren't fans of shows which feature people with mental or physical disabilities, as they believe they can sometimes belittle or encourage others to feel sorry for them. However, I think it's important we see everyday life from the perspective of people from all walks of life. It's just important to remember that not everyone with autism is affected in the same way, the series is a unique representation of Sam's experience.

Atypical has plenty of funny and heart-warming moments, as we witness Sam learn key lessons about dating and love, with the support of friends and family. We also see a few sad moments, as his family are often directly or indirectly affected by the challenges that come with supporting Sam and his autism, as they are sometimes forced to compromise in their daily lives and we see this take its toll on family life.

It's a fascinating and enjoyable show and I would recommend to anyone who loves dating shows (or being nosey AF)

5. The Keepers
So I actually watched this back in May (fantastic timing on my part since I had so many exams and deadlines to prepare for final year). As I also mentioned, I am a massive true crime fan, and The Keepers had me on tenterhooks! Back in 1969, a nun who was teaching at a Roman Catholic high school in Baltimore disappeared, and her body wasn't found discovered until 3 months later. It remains an unsolved murder case, and if you can manage the twist and turns this series takes, it is truly gripping to watch.

I don't want to reveal too much about the case as discovering all the new information that is revealed over the course of 10 episodes is what makes the series so great. However, I will warn anyone thinking of watching this that some accounts given by witnesses are harrowing, explicit and extremely chilling. At points it is so frustrating to watch because evidence is pointed towards individuals and then something about it just doesn't add up, or witnesses have passed away which leaves many pieces of the puzzle unsolved.

If you've seen the likes of Making a Murderer then this is for you; if you like hearing the outcome and something being solved this is definitely not for you. This series will leave you speculating and questioning everything about the case, and it is worth watching.

Thanks for reading my Netflix must-sees for autumn! What are you binge-watching at the moment? What would you recommend this season?

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5 Must-See Netflix Series This Autumn

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  1. I love Narcos, it is a great watch. Mindhunter is also really good on Netflix.

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