Between university and adult life

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Between University and Adult Life

So I've been finished with university for over a month now, and the term purgatory quite aptly describes where I've been chilling out since that last exam! Having had essentially nothing to do until I begin my wonderful new job in London at the end of July, I want to chat about the inevitable period  all graduates will face between their final exams and starting new things, whether that's a new job, heading abroad or simply finding that perfect job!

I feel as if I'm waiting for an entirely different new life to start and honestly, the nerves are beginning to kick in. I will be commuting to London for around two hours each day, so I will really need to get used to the early starts! I accepted my job back in April, so it hasn't hit me until recently that I'm about to join the adult world for the first time.

Since I've been back, I've been on holiday to Valencia, I've worked at Henley Regatta for some extra money, and generally I've been sorting through the mountains of rubbish I've accumulated from being at uni for four years. It's been lovely to have finally had the time to sort my room out, to make it look nice and instagrammable cosy. It felt so weird for the first week or so, essentially I was doing nothing at all. There were no deadlines or things that needed doing swimming around my head.

The day after my last exam (and one very confused and baffled nights sleep), I felt about 5 stone lighter, as if all the built-up stress from the last four years had melted away. I've had the luxury of enjoying a period of rest, relaxation and fun with family and friends before everything ramps up in speed. It can feel like you're wasting time and the precious days, and I couldn't stop the feelings of guilt when I'd done almost nothing during the day, but after time it passes.

However, as the days remaining get shorter and graduation approaches, I begin to feel more panicky about my first ever full-time 9-5 office job. I've done internships of course, but this will be very different! I'm worrying about the job because it's getting closer. I know the worries are silly, I've always worried about the things I can't control.

The company is lovely and I'm so excited, I'm just waiting to get out of this lull period and get stuck in! Graduates out there, enjoy the long, nothing-filled days until life really begins as those types of days are much fewer and far between once you join adult life!

Have you graduated this year? What have you done during this lull period? What are your plans after graduation?

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Between University and Real Life

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