A comprehensive guide to spending a year abroad in Spain

Monday, 15 May 2017 Spain

A Comprehensive Guide to a Year Abroad in Spain Recently, I've been experiencing bouts of nostalgia from my year abroad in Salamanca. It's so weird to think that this time last year I was coming to the end of my nine months in Spain, in a completely different city speaking an entirely different language. And these things at the time felt incredibly normal! So, to help with my own blues and other people getting ready for their time abroad, be it this summer or September, I've compiled a comprehensive guide for those planning to work, study or simple live it up in Spain!

Some posts are more study-specific since I chose to study at the University of Salamanca for the duration of my time abroad, and a few specific to the area I was in! However, there are posts here that should be useful to anyone who's planning to spend time abroad.

Planning your year abroad:

Why Salamanca is a great destination as a study placement (no bias here...):

The realities of studying at university in Spain - Hope this doesn't put people off I felt intimidated at the beginning!

Your first few months in your new home:


Frustrations and daily life abroad:

Extremely british problems in Spain - Things I began to notice about Spanish life that were really quite different to the British way... 

Adjusting to your home abroad:

Finding happiness in being alone - Trust me, this feeling can kick in from time to time when you're not close to home!

Cities I visited during year abroad ( I reached all by coach other than Lisbon, which was by train):

The tearful farewell:

5 things I miss about living in Spain - trust me, you will miss the culture like hell once you're not there anymore!

I hope you've enjoyed my minor link dump of all the posts I created about year abroad. I seriously enjoyed looking through my posts again, especially the life update posts as I saw the progress I made as I gradually adjusted to living in Salamanca and making it my home. 

Do get in touch if you have anymore questions about year abroad or Spain more specifically! Thanks for reading!


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A Comprehensive Guide To Spending a Year Abroad in Spain

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