staying motivated during final year of university

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Staying Motivated During Final Year of University

Like so many students at university right now, I'm really struggling to stay motivated. It's so frustrating when this is pretty much the most crucial semester of my whole course, as it's my final year. My exams and assignments count for so much and these last few months will be my last push before I graduate!

So why can't I motivate myself to do work right now? I'm tired. I'm tired of juggling deadlines, tired of feeling guilty if I take breaks from work, tired of feeling tired of uni. I feel like most of the time I don't enjoy the course, most classes feel like a drag and it's a huge achievement if I manage a full week of attendance.

I'm so close to graduating, but I still have so much to do before I get there. The finish line is within sight but I still have a painful sprint to get through first, and this extra effort is killing me a little. I'm so excited to get into the world of work, a new and challenging chapter of my life which I feel so ready for now. But until then, when I should have a definite job lined up I'll need to keep grinding on with the university work as boring I find it right now.

I feel like I spend all of my time talking about how much work I've got to do, and my uni friends are in the same situation. It's that time of the year when social life goes down the drain, people begin to camp out in the library and do little else. I've noticed that I actually start to find more ideas for blog posts and I have more motivation to blog when I'm uninspired by uni life.

Perhaps it's the escapism of it. When I bash out a blog post it feels like I'm being productive, when really I'm writing in a different form which is great for writing practice but not so great for getting through my uni workload! It keeps my brain whirring but then I'll sit down to do language practise or reading for an essay and the brain is slumping again.

So I want to know how you guys keep yourself motivated during these final months? I'm flagging and struggling for energy and I need to remind yourself why this extra slog will be worth it in the end. Give me all of your tips fellow students and graduates!

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  1. To be honest, I didn't hugely struggle with motivation in my final year - in fact I had more than any other year as it was my last chance to get the First I wanted for myself. Studying whilst working full-time, however, is a real struggle for motivation. I'm already dreading summer as for the first time ever I have exams in September as well...

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    1. That's really great you were so motivated! Yeah the juggling I'm finding more stressful than the work itself, the feeling that I'm always prioritising something over something else, so one aspect is always being neglected a little. Good luck in your exams!

  2. I can't say this is something I'm experiencing or have been through, but my boyfriend is at University and he's struggling a lot with motivation recently x


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