my month so far: february

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Month So Far: February
Hi there! I'm back with my second instalment of my feature, My Month So Far (If you missed January's post, check it out here).

February for me so far has been quite a strange month and a flurry of activity. My second and final semester of university has started, and boy is it scary. My final semester ever at university! Just to think that I'm not far from becoming an adulty adult is something that frankly terrifies me.

Growing-up fears aside, here's a round-up of what I've been up to so far in February!

Job interviews and graduate job applications

Over the last few months I've had a really good think about what I'd like to do after university, and I've taken the plunge and started applying for PR and marketing-related roles. Having worked in several PR internships this year and last year, I've seen that I enjoy the tasks and the variety that PR brings. I'm actually in the process of writing a post about what I've learnt so far as an intern so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that in the next few weeks!

I'd forgotten how soul-destroying applying for job after job can be, and I really haven't missed the application process of most online forms. It may just be me but I often read job descriptions and I can't help but think that recruiters do a wonderful job of putting you off the role, be it with never-ending lists of their requirements from you (we're not all perfect unfortunately) or their essay of job descriptions.

I often end up feeling like I'm not good enough to apply even if my level of experience or skills matches pretty well! Grumbles aside, I have a few interviews lined up in the next few weeks, some based in London, others in the South East which I'm excited about!

H&M Sneakers

H&M Sneakers in Grey

I found this beautiful pair of sneakers in highstreet fave H&M last week, and I'm obsessed.Can you believe they were only £19.99? The feel and quality of them looks much more expensive than the price, and they are incredibly comfortable to wear too! They come in a number of colours as well so perfect for everyone's tastes. Get down to H&M pronto!

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm

I received this little gem in the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar at Christmas and I've been a fan since! This can be used as a slightly thicker hair serum, which I've found for taming those annoying flyaways which I tend to get in humid and winter climates! It's actually a leave-in balm, and it's super versatile for everyday use. I also like to run it through the ends of my hair after washing before blow drying to prevent heat damage. The result is super soft and shiny hair which sticks around all day!

El Marginal Netflix Series 

As a modern languages student, I'm always looking for exciting new series or books to get stuck into in French and Spanish. It helps to improve cultural and linguistic knowledge, practise my listening skills as well as allowing to pick up colloquial phrases here and there! This particular series I've started watching is called El Marginal, produced and based in Argentina. If you're a Prison Break or Homeland fan this is the perfect crime thriller for you!

I won't give too much of the story away but the basic plot is that an ex-police officer is sent inside an overrun prison in San Onofre to find out information about someone who has gone missing. He has to integrate with the community inside the prison under a false identity, which is pretty much managed by the most violent criminal group. Much like Prison Break there are lots of sub-plots going on in the background and I really enjoy the pace of the episodes.

It's taken me a while to get used to the Argentinian accent, as much pronounciation is so different to Peninsular Spanish, but it's perfect for my listening practise! There are subtitles on Netflix in English. You can watch the trailer here.

Image source: Televisi├│n P├║blica Argetina/Flickr

Cabana Southampton Bloggers Event 

It's been a little while since I've been to a blogger event (final year probz) but I can honestly say this was one of the nicest events I've gone to in a long time! In West Quay's new Watermark Centre, Cabana is an authentic Brasilian resturant founded by David Ponte and Lizzy Barber.

The event itself was so well organised and friendly, with an amazing selection of food and cocktails to top it off! We were welcomed by the founders which was such an unexpected personal touch. They spent time talking to us individually about the restaurant, the inspiration for their food and the brand, and their passion really shone through, they were incredibly interesting people!

We then were given a cocktail masterclass at the bar, where we learnt how to make the classic Caipirinha. We all had the chance to make one ourselves with the help of the lovely barmen on hand! After sipping on our cocktails and chatting, we were then served an absolute mountain of authentic Brasilian cuisine!

My absolute favourite had to be the spicy malagueta chicken, it was so juicy and full of flavour. We feasted on steak, massive prawns and some more unique dishes such as bacalhau (a type of salted fish). I loved that David and Lizzy has so much cultural information about each dish, I was so impressed with the effort they went to to give us the fuller picture! The icing on the cake were some amazing deep-fried donuts filled with nutella. This is not a drill people.

I hope you enjoyed this month's update! What have you been up to? Thanks for reading!


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