GOMO: getting more out of your summer

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Those years of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out - I wrote about this quite a while ago!) are long behind us - the fun experts over at Eventbrite think that too many of us have been wasting our precious summers sat inside becoming much too familiar with the sofa. They want to do something about it which brings me a fancy new acronym GOMO (going out more often).

Being honest, British people are so unlucky with the weather, which means that unfortunately we can't just pull out the sun lounger and sip on a Pimms whenever it may take our fancy. Enjoying the rare glimmers of sun requires military-style organisation and execution with precision, which perhaps puts a dampener on that optimistic ideal - being able to feel the rays on our faces without feeling like we need an umbrella or anorak at our side just in case.

That said, does it have to be perfect weather in order to have an amazing summer? We're more than three quarters of the way through now and if you're beginning to panic that you haven't made the most of it, put on some clothes (how many of you are reading this still in your pyjamas? I see you!) and get outside.

1. Become a festival person
You know those types. I know, the really irritating people that wear every festival band, including the ones from over 10 years ago (just stop) and constantly appear to have flowers in their hair. These kinds of people are always around, but regardless, ignore them and go enjoy the music! The last few weeks of August are jam-packed with festivals such as V Fest, Creamfields, as well as loads of lesser known ones too! See a full and definitive list here. There's a festival for all types of tastes and genres. Rain or shine you'll have a blast.

2. Spontaneous day trip
You know when you're on the motorway and you see obscure names of cities or towns you've never seen before on the signs? Why not plan a day trip and explore! Perhaps have a quick peruse of Instagram too just to make sure you can capture lots of pretty pictures, if like me of course this is a high priority...

3. Evenings in the garden
This suggestion sounds extremely obvious, but think back to the last time you sat out in the garden with family or friends. Grab a pack of cards or a board game, a summery alcoholic drink (wine is always a good idea) and go back to basics!

4. Last minute break
Not had the chance to get away yet? The internet is awash with last minute deal websites for the spontaneous types! Soak up some European sun while it's still warm. I love Booking.com for rare deals and offers on its hotels as well as Trivago! If you're on a budget, check out EasyJet for cheap flights.

I am also guilty of feeling that I am sometimes wasting my summer inside, not making the most of my free time before I head back to university in September. Mixing up your activities will make for a more exciting summer! Head over to Eventbrite if you're looking for events and activities going on in your area, or to create your own! They also offer you the chance to create your own with their very own event planning tools.

Image: Freestocks

Thanks for reading! How have you kept your summer fresh?


*This is a collaboration post with Eventbrite. I have not received payment, and all opinions are my own.

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