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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

When you've had a blog for a long time, it's easy to forget to celebrate the small achievements along the way. I noticed today that I've now published 200 posts on this little blog, which I consider quite impressive considering I've been rather busy since I began posting over 3 years ago.

I started this blog as a hobby to practise writing in French and Spanish outside of my A levels. Suffice to say, this aspect of my blog didn't continue for long (I seriously commend anyone who manages to frequently write blog posts in two or more languages - it was so time consuming), yet my love of writing about whatever topic took my fancy has continued ever since.

Throughout A levels, university working and studying abroad I have usually managed to get up a post every 2 weeks. In other words, I have found a hobby for life, which I hope in the future to use to find that perfect job!

Here's a round up of my five favourite posts on the blog since that first post back in February 2013.

1. Improving your writing style with Academic Help (see here

This has undoubtedly been my most successful post to date, and also was my most enjoyable sponsored post to write! I found the service genuinely helpful and I hoped that this similarly helped readers to develop their own writing style.

2. Finding happiness in being alone (see here)

This was one of those posts which had my brain whirring and fingers typing at breakneck speed. Sometimes an idea or feeling pops into your head, and suddenly it's all written in the space of 15 minutes. I've always enjoyed my own space and I cannot stress enough the importance of learning to enjoy your own company, especially during the summer when it can sometimes feel like none of your friends are around and you need to keep yourself entertained!

3. Those moments in life (see here)
I still remember rushing home from work on the very day I wrote this post after one of the most poignant and unforgettable moments of my life. I had never seen such unconditional love between two people before and thinking about what I witnessed still makes me feel emotional today! I could practically feel my fingers flying off the keyboard, I felt so inspired.

4. Extremely British problems in Spain (see here)

I absolutely loved writing this post! Having spent a few months adjusting to the very different way of life in Spain, I had a chance to reflect on British behaviour and overpoliteness when interacting with people in a different country. The end result? Lots of awkwardness and feeling a bit silly.

5. My experience of competitive women's sport (see here)

I don't often mention badminton on my blog, and I wrote this in response to the long-running campaign, This Girl Can, set up by Sport England to encourage more women to get into sport. Badminton is not a team-orientated sport and I gave my thoughts on how this can often provide a disincentive to women to play competitively in badminton. 

So that's my five favourite ever posts! I really enjoyed looking through my posts, and observing how my writing style and tone has changed over the years.

Thanks for reading!


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