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Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday Favourites #3

I've not been very good at posting these favourites posts every week, but I really enjoy giving a little insight into the things I've been doing/eating/using (mostly eating). Here's this weeks round up!

1.This blog post by Essays and Wine
There were so many things I loved about this post by Emma on the world of dating. I've not dated much, I'm more of a relationship person but this gives a refreshing and hilarious insight into the everyday struggles of the dating minefield. She leaves no suggestion other than that meeting someone new is extremely hard now, thanks to the ever-changing world of online dating and the likes of Tinder. Well worth a read!

2. Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Gradual Self Tan
I'm pretty sure every girl has tried Dove Summer Glow at some point in the past right? I remember at various points during school you could detect its fresh, summery scent as fellow pupils rushed to get their glow on before summer hit. It appears they've updated the original formula with sleeker packaging to go with it! Despite the fact it's rather obvious that this version has a lot less product, I much prefer the update to the original offering. I've been applying this every two days for the past week and a half and I've already noticed a difference. I've never been the most tanned person in the world, nor the most obsessive about having a tan but my skin feels much smoother, and looks a little more brown!

Friday Favourites #3
3. Piña Colada Loose Tea
Living in Spain has meant my love for a creamy café con leche has overtaken my appreciation for tea most of this year. That is, until I realised that Spain has an amazing range of teas on offer in most cafés! They're also much cheaper than prices back in the UK. After dinner one evening with a friend, we discovered a few market stalls set up nearby. Lo and behold, a dreamy loose tea stand with my name written all over it. This tea smells so refreshing, and it would be perfect to drink as an ice tea as well! When I say loose tea, this is LOOSE. As in, actual pieces of pineapple, coconut and berries along with black tea leaves! This is as authentic as it gets.

Friday Favourites #3

4. Real Murders by Charlaine Harris
Having finally submitted my dissertation at the beginning of the month, I've had much more time on my hands recently. I spotted this book in Carrefour whilst doing a food shop. I picked up the version in Spanish, however the author is American. Real Murders charts the sudden change in the mundane life of librarian Aurora Teagarden. Before her monthly meeting with fellow fans of high-profile murders, one member is found dead in a cupboard. Events turn increasingly serious as the story unfold. I'm about halfway through so far and I really enjoy the tone and style of this book. I normally struggle to keep motivated when reading novels in Spanish, but I think because this was originally written in English I find the dialogue more engaging and relatable.

Friday Favourites #3

5. Podcasts by Coffee Break French
I found this show when I was scrolling through the Podcast section of Spotify. I'm always looking for ways to keep my French active whilst I'm here in Spain, and these episodes certainly help to keep my grammar head screwed on! Also, I absolutely love the Scottish accents of both the presenters. They sound so charming. The structure of the podcasts is fairly simple, each week follows the story of one of the three fictional French characters as they continue to write to one another.

The whole text is played once, translated by the presenters and then a few interesting phrases form the text are picked to analyse and put into context. I've picked up some new French phrases along the way and it keeps my listening skills intact. There's also four levels of language, from beginner through to advanced, meaning that anyone can learn something from the episodes whether you've just started learning or you're studying it at university!

So that's the 5 things I've enjoyed this week! What have you been up to? Tell me all (I'm so nosey!)

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