daily thoughts I had living in Spain

Sunday, 6 December 2015 Spain

Daily Thoughts I Have Living in Spain

Spain's lifestyle has been a shock in both good and bad aspects, but mostly good! However, there are some observations that I've made which continue to confuse me every day.

1. Why does this street have so many pelican crossings? Should I let the guy go? He's already let as least 40 people walk past will he ever get to where he's heading?

2. Why am I striding alongside 5 other people I don't know?! Why am I trying to keep up?

3. Why is Spain's total population in Mercadonna at 1 o' clock in the afternoon? I only came in for one thing?

4. Why are the streets so dead at 2 in the afternoon? Why didn't I go to Mercadonna at 2?

5. Why has the cashier started serving the next person? I haven't finished packing my bags yet good luck finding space?

6. Why has my lecturer cancelled the class and said nothing the day before?

7. Why have I brought my laptop in for the only class I had today?

8. Why must groups of people talking to each other hog the whole pavement?

9. Why is a lorry driving through the pedestrian area? Might I die?? (very specific to Salamanca)

10. Why is the street cleaner attempting to drive through the streets at 1 o' clock? There's no space to clean?

11. Why have you stopped serving churros after breakfast? I want them now? Who eats thick chocolate for breakfast?!

12. Why are there so many people in this café? Do I go to the counter or do I sit and wait for you to serve me?

13. Where has everyone gone? I've been sat down a while shall I come to counter?

14. I've been sat here for two hours should I pay now? Shall I beckon you over or come to the counter?

15. Why are so many people stood up eating when there are seats available?

These are just a few of the thoughts that cross my mind while studying here! What have you noticed about living abroad? Thanks for reading!


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