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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

I've been blogging now for 2 and a half years, but I definitely couldn't say I've made real friendships through it. Evidently, you get out as much as you put in, and I couldn't argue that I've made a maximum effort to make proper friends through blogging. In life off screen, I have no issues making friends. When I click with people in real life I find it easy to follow through and get to know those people better.

But in terms of online communication, meeting new bloggers is confusing territory. You'd think the most sociable, interactive and present bloggers online would be those who work full-time. But the bigger bloggers, with a lot of followers don't seem to interact that much with fellow bloggers. I struggle with the fact that blogging is not a consistent hobby of mine. Whilst this year I've tried to focus on building up a readership, and learn a little more about scheduling and being more active on social media, before I would simply post when I had the time and hope it would reach people.

This is probably due to the fact I've always had something more important to do, such as A levels, university, part-time work and now living abroad.  I envy the bloggers who can always go to events to network and meet other bloggers. This year I didn't often have weekends free to attend events near Southampton, because I was working in retail or finishing off uni work. And with attending blogging events, the few I have attended I knew zero faces. While I got to know a few people and recognised some at my second event, I was in unchartered territory.

Interacting online with people and chatting for a few lines on Twitter is just not the same as meeting people in person. Conversations feel different with bloggers when you may recognise the name or blog from a Twitter chat, but so far all you know is that one thing you have in common. It may be that I don't really enjoy chatting about aspects of blogging with other people, it's boring. I love to get to know the personalities and quirks behind the blogs, those I can laugh with.

Perhaps humour isn't a hugely important quality in getting to know other bloggers and appreciating other blogs, but humour is one thing I can bond with someone over almost anything. A great sense of humour is essential for me in friends, and to me much more important than how many things you have in common. I have read some hilarious blogs, but I haven't met many bloggers who I could really, really laugh with.

Meeting other bloggers shouldn't feel like networking, but it does to me. Most bloggers are lovely and interesting people, but it's so very easy to feel isolated, reaching out to others who aren't necessarily interested in responding back to you. I aim to involve myself more in interacting with other blogs all the time, but at the end of the day, it's just not always my priority when I have a good social life off screen.

What are your thoughts? Do you find blogging a sociable hobby? Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don't find blogging sociable regarding my offline life no, not really - I've never been to any kind of meet up [don't think I've even seen one anywhere near where I live] or event. But then I don't do sponsored posts ... and it seems to me that a lot of meet ups are arranged by companies/organisations who sponsor events.

    That's not to say I don't know any people who blog - I've met plenty, just usually in circumstances where blogging is not the focus [eg. at craft workshops].

    However ... I wholeheartedly enjoy my online connection with people I know through their blogs. I've made deep and longstanding relationships with a few, and warm and fun relationships with many.

    In my current blog-commenting challenge I'm rediscovering what it's like to start from scratch as a new blogger as I'm trying to find new connections, new people I could, eventually, feel some kinship with ... and it's pretty daunting!

    p.s: I'm finding that I can't relate to anyone who takes themselves too seriously on their blog. I agree that a shared sense of humour is a great place to begin.

    1. That's very true, you're often given goodie bags with all sorts of things to review, and it's not uncommon to receive little reminders through email of you to kindly mention them on the blog. I'm the same, I like to meet people when doing a hobby but getting along with them for other things in common!
      I envy that! I really want to meet more people who I can bond with other blogging and then do other things together! Because I'm sure there are plenty of lovely people out there it just sometimes feels like a lonely place!
      Exactly, a good sense of humour is just the start from me, it's much easier to build a friendship from then onwards! :)

  2. so interesting to hear your views on this, although i've found it quite the opposite. i'd never say that all of the people i've met from blogging events and meet ups have been through 'networking' as i don't view my blog as a career or a business and i'd hate to think someone was 'networking' when speaking to me. i have made friends whom i speak to you regularly, probably more so than people i've met in real life initially. i'd be more than happy to go for a meal and drinks with (or do already) that isn't through any form of blog opportunity. i guess it does depend on the amount of events you go to and the time you spend on social media but i wouldn't say my blog time is particularly consistent either! great post x


    1. It shouldn't feel like networking meeting other bloggers, it's just a shared hobby at the end of the day, I think it depends how serious others about their blogs. I find blogging aspects pretty dull to talk about, I don't find it interesting comparing SEO tips or post schedules! yeah I'd love to get into that too,, just a shame I got into my local blogger scene too late and now I'm abroad. Thanks for reading! x


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