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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Neutral Lipsticks
Kiko Neutral Lipsticks

My hunt for the perfect neutral lipstick has been a long and drawn-out battle, and with my current favourites I feel I could be edging ever closer. My absolute favourite of the three is Kiko's Luscious Cream Creamy Lipstick in Shade 500 (Shell Rose), which I've been applying non-stop since picking it up in London. I am obsessed with the beautiful metallic packaging, and it certainly makes even more a joy to get out of my bag and apply! As its title would suggest, from the bullet this is a creamy and smooth formula which glides fairly easily, and is surprisingly pigmented with one layer. My lips have the tendency to get quite dry and cracked, even in the summer yet I don't need to use lip balm with this. The shade is quite peachy nude and it suits my skin tone very well, giving that "my lips but better" effect. And for £6.90 it is more than worth the money!

My other new favourite from the Italian brand is their Smart Lipstick in Shade 902 (Pastel Pink), a surprisingly great offering for only £3.90! I love the sleek and black packaging, it feels very sturdy too. The shade in the bullet is similarly nude, verging subtly on pink with a small amount of shimmer. When applied on the lips, the formula is quite rich. It can feel a little drying if I haven't put on lip balm before, however it's long-lasting and fades to a nice pink stain. And with 24 shades to choose from, I'm looking forward to expanding my collection!

I've had this Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade 26 for a while now, but this has grown on me a lot since buying. It's a very peachy nude, almost appearing orangey in the bullet but its much less scary on the lips! This is a much drier formula than the Kiko formulas, but when my lips are really moisturised this looks beautiful. I've always liked the Rimmel Kate packaging, it doesn't look too cheap and it's quite sturdy. It lasts relatively long, roughly two hours, for a nude lipstick, but like all these offerings it's a joy to reapply so it doesn't massively bother me how long it lasts. It also has a wide range of shades, and I've always aimed to expand my Rimmel Kate collection!

All of these lipsticks are great value, long-lasting and aren't at all short of the mark of the perfect nude. What are your favourite neutral lipsticks? Thanks for reading!

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