Why you must visit Germany

Friday, 28 August 2015 Germany

Why you must visit Germany

Why you must visit Germany

Why you must visit Germany

Why you must visit Germany
Germany for me was a more than a pleasant surprise. I've only been once before, when I was a lot younger and I couldn't remember much of it, so I didn't have huge expectations for how much I would like the country. I must say that Germany is stunning, and truly underrated.

I was able to see many of the country's biggest cities, including Cologne, Düsseldorf and Hamburg, and I was taken aback by how pretty and well organised they were. Vast and clean pavements, lots and lots of cobbles, wide and open town squares with dozens of street cafés dotted along, it was honestly a people-watching paradise. There were a few characteristics which I encountered in every city, which I certainly wouldn't have expected before visiting!

  1. Bring 50 cents with you at all times. Pretty much every public toilet in Germany other than in restaurants isn't free, but they're certainly worth paying for! They're so well-maintained and clean, and the attendants are always friendly.
  2. It's a shopping paradise. The quality of clothing and beauty in Germany is amazing! I spent hours gazing at all the designer shops in Hamburg, noseying on the people shopping in them as well. 
  3. The café culture is strong. Honestly, place some tables and chairs outside and you will find some German people sat there, drinking coffee and watching the world go by. I was convinced at one point that the people just hop from café to café, drinking coffee and doing it again.
  4. They're a big fan of rules. Perhaps more so than us orderly Brits! Especially regarding traffic lights. My dad (a frequent walker before the light turns green) was met with shocked alarm when my dad would begin walking across the road before the walk sign flashed! 
  5. However, they are not polite drivers. They are huge fans of speed and get so impatient that they will take some awful risks in order to overtake and save themselves a few precious seconds. 
  6. If you ask for water in a restaurant, the waiters will assume you're asking for sparkling water. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to consider!
  7. You get great value for what you pay for, especially in restaurants. The portions are massive! 
So there's a few things I observed about life in Germany's cities! Thanks for reading! Have you visited Germany before? What did you notice about life there?


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Why You Must Visit Germany


  1. Definitely agree re point 4 - it's because you can get fined for jaywalking there! My favourite thing about Germany (I lived in Hamburg for a few months as a student) is that they adopt a very civilised sleeping system - two single duvets on a double bed - so no fighting over the duvet! It's a system I've adopted over here now and I sleep so much better.

    1. Oh wow really I had no idea! Haha that's so interesting! I'm a frequent bed hogger so I can imagine how well that works! Thanks for reading :)

  2. My best friend is half German - I really need to visit there one day.


  3. I love Germany too! I actually wrote a blog post about all the things I have observed and mistakes not to make when you're there! I can't believe my year abroad there is over, I miss it already. There's just something so special about the culture! xo


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