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Thursday, 9 April 2015

On the 3rd April, I was kindly invited by the Festival Place team to Basingstoke to have a look around #EATSTREET, an event which ran on Good Friday and Easter Saturday! As you can see by my many pictures, the concept was based around street food, the kinds you can sample for yourself, like you might experience in Camden Market. In the main shopping centre entrance, two big stands were set up, with three different restaurants serving delicious food samples. I had samples from Giraffe, La Tasca and Wagamama! On the other stand were Pizza Express, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Nandos, with Nandos giving out samples from their new menu (hello sweet potato wedges!!).

The staff serving were incredibly polite and friendly, despite having to deal with hordes of people queuing for samples! The audience were treated to a band of Mariachis, and the main event, a cooking demonstration from celebrity chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli. I was a little scared to go up to him to ask for a picture, but when I finally plucked up the courage I found he was a lovely man!    

He showed the crowd how to make one of his recipes from his cookbook, Simply Novelli, and at the end stayed to sign autographs. I was also delighted to discover that at the other end of the Festival Place, they had set up some stalls dedicated to sweet treats! My sweet tooth senses were on fire, as I tasted Walnut and Coffe Cake from Costa, and yummy cookies from M&S. This stall was much less busy, and the staff were as nice as they had been downstairs!

This event brought many positives, as it was completely open to the public, they were served fresh food samples for free and every portion was extremely generous. It was an opportunity for the restaurants to showcase their new products, such as Nandos who are better known for their classics. It was a way to generate new customer bases that before might not have considered a particular cuisine, and having sampled some of their menu, been tempted to give them a try! Having a celebrity chef present at the event gave it the extra pinch of stardust to give shoppers a real experience, a taste of something different without the frills or barriers.

All in all, a new experience that left a sweet taste in my mouth! Thanks for reading! xx

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