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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hi lovelies, warning here this post is a little photo-heavy, mainly because I'm super proud of my effort to organise my new little space in the prettiest way possible. I love organising spaces, it gives me the opportunity to express my penchant for tidy but personal spaces. If any of you follow my blog closely, you'll notice that pretty much 90% of the stuff I had in my first year room have been transported over to this year's room. Despite the fact my new room is a fair bit smaller than the one I've become used to again at home, I love how it's decorated, and in the morning the sun filters through my lovely white curtains!

Without a doubt the cutest thing about my room is my walk-in wardrobe, it's a lifelong dream of mine to have one that rivals Carrie in the Sex and the City movie and this is a good place to start! It even has its own light just such a cute personal touch, I've categorised my underwear, trousers, skirts and shorts into the little drawers. Also I've organised my hangers from the right starting with coats and jumpers, all the way down to strappy and sleeveless tops. This may seem a little excessive, but as I said I love making everything look grouped together and tidy.

You may be able to see also my lovely photo collage that I got printed from Aldi Photo Service, such a bargain for great quality photos with a glossy finish! I wanted something that I could take with me, especially when I go abroad next year that retains a good quality and won't get damaged easily. A keen obersever will spot my three posters from Paris that I had pinned up in my first year room too. It would seem that I caught the bug for Paris and French-inspired floral bits that add a bit of flair to an otherwise simple room.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I absolutely loved creating my own little space that says a bit about my personality as well as is functional (: xx


  1. Lovely room!


    1. Followed you on bloglovin' I'm obsessed with travel themed blog posts right now! xx


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