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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hi lovelies, here is the first instalment of my little series on places I had the opportunity to visit on my holiday to Brittany. Concarneau was one of the more touristy cities that we visited with the Ville Close, the old fortified town, seen above being the main attraction. The cloudy skies during the day made it look much more imposing if not a little creepy, but once inside the walls the main streets looked bright and clean with a touch of authenticity to it.

The main streets were full of tourists, all peering in and out of the shops full of souvenirs, postcards and regional delicacies such as Caramel au beurre salé (Salted Caramel!!) and Galettes (buttery biscuits). The fortified area felt so cut off from the rest of the city, some parts seemed almost frozen in time because the buildings were so well preserved.

One aspect that I really loved about the Ville Close were the less noticeable but incredibly personal touches to every café, each square and each building. We found thousands of street cafés like the one above in the picture, but observe the adorable blue shutters, the flowers lining the awning and the pristine parasols keeping customers in the shade. I felt that each business had its own unique selling point purely down to the lack of chain restaurants, allowing owners to add their own personal touches and helping them to stand out more.

Another great aspect was a walk along the fortress walls, which gave a spectacular view of the city, and also let you see the ruins up close. The water surrounding the little town was quite marshy as you can see above. Furthermore the smell of seaweed was quite prominent given that the tide was out at the point, leaving lots of it washed up around the port. Although it looks rather cloudy in some of these pictures, it was pretty humid with lovely bursts of sunshine all through the day, which made the city on a whole much prettier.

It was a fascinating city to visit which had its own unique charm, a common trait among many of the cities we visited in Brittany. Thanks for reading! xx 

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