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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wow it's been a while for me from my little blog, partially due to some difficult times at home and in my personal life, and also because I've been working loads of extra hours. A few times I tried to sit down and fit in a little post but each time I felt too tired or had mental block, so just left it. I'd rather not post for a while and write something with 100% effort rather than a half hearted post about my week!

Re-commencing my series on life's observations, I have plenty of material seeing I've worked practically full time in a store all week;

Attitudes towards full time workers in retail are pretty snobby. I hear some colleagues complain about this and having worked during the week, I have experienced this feeling myself. Just because an adult is working in retail, this does not say anything about their intelligence, skill set or background. Many I have spoken to in my department are very clever graduates straight out of uni who simply cannot find anything according to their qualifications, and needed money! The store I work in is around middle class standard, with many comfortably well off mothers and old people coming in. I feel so crap when some customers are quite taken aback when I mention I'm off to uni in September, I would happily snap that I'm only part time and I have a good education, but why waste my breath?

Singing in public is a pastime everyone should indulge in! I love singing, it makes me feel happy and if I hear a song I know anywhere, I will sing aloud. I'm no Beyoncé, but hey I know I'm in tune at least, I'm singing right now even it just makes listening to music that much more fun. At work they have an interesting selection of music (oldies) but the occasional ones I love and I just have to sing along, regardless what I'm doing, it's most fun at the till hahaha. Some find it endearing, others are a little shocked, but singing keeps me relaxed and stops me stressing if a queue of a million people is starting to build up!

People can completely change in nightclubs. Me included, it's easy to forget reality once you're in such a different and lively atmosphere. Personally I become much more dancey and carefree once I get dancing, I barely need any alcohol because the music puts me in such a good mood! Because I know that I don't know the majority of the people in the room I care so much less about making a fool of myself and having a laugh, whereas at house parties it totally depends on the atmosphere, as to if I want to dance and have a laugh or just stick to people I know better. Obviously there's a negative side to this in nightclubs; some people become a little carried away and less spatially aware, meaning you can be shoved about if you're dancing near to the wrong person, and there also the creepy people who lurk nearer and nearer before you decide enough's enough and move away swiftly.

So there's my round up of observations I've made recently, it feels good to properly post again after my break! I have a few ideas for upcoming posts so hopefully I can get back into the swing of posting regularly again (: Cheers! xx

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