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Monday, 3 March 2014

After my 2 week long break from blogging (I had so much uni work to get on with..) I feel all ready to post again! I've been quite the bargain hunter recently, especially in Zara! I always manage to pick something up in their legendary sales, but this time I ended up buying not one but three things.. I need more self control. I've also been picking up little bits so I thought I'd give an overview of my recent purchases.

I had been looking for a perfect white top everywhere and I was so excited to see this beauty in the sales! Not too clingy, not too loose, relaxed neckline.. it was love at first sight.

This was a very different choice for me, as normally I'm not a fan of round necklines. But I am a sucker for pretty blouses so I couldn't leave this behind! I love the unusual tiered layer along the bottom of the blouse, it makes a perfect evening shirt.

This is a gorgeous navy blue linen feel shirt, as I said I have a addiction to blouses. It's a really thin material, but the dark colour stops it from being see through so it's a double winner for me! Again I don't have anything in my wardrobe this colour so it'll add a little variation to my day to day style.

I am so in love with my new boots from New Look! Seriously, the perks of being a size 3/4, all the good shoes for a tiny price! The heel makes these so comfy to walk in, and they don't make that annoying click clack noise when I walk. They'll be getting me through all this dreary weather in Southampton..

And these are my various beauty bits I've collected over the month..

L'Oréal Shine Free Salt Spray
I'd wanted to get into salt sprays for a while, but wasn't sure where to start. L'Oreal is a hair brand that I really trust and so I thought this would be a safe option to venture into. So far so good (:

Pantene Pro-v Smooth and Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner Travel Sizes
Part of the cute 3 for £3 deal in Superdrug, I decided I want to give Pantene another chance. In the past I haven't had brilliant experiences with their products, and soon I'll be needing a full-sized bottle of shampoo so travel sized seemed a good option.

Nivea Age Defying Q10 Hand Cream
When at work my hands constantly get so dry, opening many boxes of cardboard does that to you.. I also keep losing my bottles of hand cream and it's getting annoying buying a new one every time I lose the last one! This was the third part of the 3 for £3 deal so I thought a pound isn't bad for a new bottle.

Lord & Berry Vogue Lipstick and Eye Set (ASOS EXCLUSIVE)
As the title suggests, this set can only be bought on ASOS, but it's in the sale here! I'd wanted to try out the Lord & Berry range for a while, and at half price, meaning roughly £4 for each part, the price is a steal. The lipstick is a pillar-box red colour, of which I've never owned before so I'll see how this fits into my going out routine. I love the packaging, it looks so professional, clean and unfussy.

So that's a round up of all my recent purchases! Thanks for reading xx

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