Millie Mackintosh is incredible

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I must say I'm in love with Millie Mackintosh' personal style.

I without fail look at her Style Diary every day, I find it so interesting to see what she wears because she has such a signature look, yet manages to surprise with her accessories. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm hooked; I find people watching really interesting, and I think of it as constantly people watching Millie's wardrobe. I admire the way she keeps her hair classic along with a good quality handbag which instantly elevates her look to something more sophisticated. Although in Channel 4's Made In Chelsea she comes across as rather superior and wealthy, something about her personality in the show and on her twitter tells me that in fact she is down to earth and likes a good laugh like anyone else! 

Although I love my wardrobe at the moment, which doesn't happen that often given my stinginess when buying clothes, if I could have anyone's wardrobe I would probably have Millie's, due to the fact that her Style Diary inspires me and demonstrates that you can easily mix up looks without needing to possess an endless supply of clothing! Now I just need to buy a few designer handbags...  

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